cutting-edge technology to advance sales
Shopify web transformation for Zebra
Innovative e-commerce for Ruby Reef
High-tech eCommerce for Winning Streak
Cutting-edge website redesign
Project management and QA excellence
Innovative & user-friendly museum website
Custom financial website design & Marketing
financial website design & maintenance
Transforming and Improve user experience
Empowering medical professionals & patients
Award winning Cutting-edge design

Video and Interactive

Directed, edited video with Music
Boundary-pushing multimedia exhibition
Exhibit transforms with interactive upgrade
interactive jewelry try-on experience
Exhibits enhanced with interactive UI
Bringing Rockwell to Life: Audio Tour
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Interactive Found Photo Experience

QR codes and AR Projects

Led Innovative AR Virtual World Project
Project Lead Innovative AR E-blast
AR Project for Zebra Pen 40th Anniversary
QR Code Solutions Development & Design
Innovative 3D Animated Chatbot with AI Speech

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