40th Anniversary AR

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This project was the winner of the 2023 MUSE Award for "Experiential & Immersive - In-Store Experience". As project lead for Ignite2X, I developed and shaped the design of an innovative AR initiative for the "Zebra Pen's 40th Anniversary." A dynamic QR code was available across all marketing platforms and product lines. The goal was to create an engaging and entertaining experience to drive sweepstakes sign-ups.

This project was the
Gold Winner of the
2023 Muse Creative awards

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The AR scene seamlessly blends into the table, creating an illusion of it being a natural part of it. By moving your phone closer, you can immerse yourself in the experience and examine it in greater detail.
With the AR, a virtual hole is created on your surface, and from within, a world of exciting things comes to life before your eyes.
Watch in amazement as the AR scene gradually comes to life, with new elements seamlessly integrating into the scene with dynamic, animated background screen, complete with randomly generated fireworks that light up the sky.
With the help of Zen, Zebra Pens mascot, the AR introduces the sweepstakes along with the exciting prizes up for grabs. Located beneath the AR scene is a button that takes visitors directly to the sweepstakes entry page, allowing them to participate with ease.

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