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With over 30 years of experience, I bring a forward-thinking approach to UX/UI design. Throughout my career, I've been a catalyst for innovation, fostering collaboration, and seamlessly integrating digital marketing strategies.

In various roles, I've driven cross-functional collaboration, emphasizing best practices in UX/UI design to elevate user engagement and satisfaction. Notably, I've led the design and development of award-winning projects, contributing to substantial increases in sales and business metrics.

My expertise includes ensuring consistent interactive designs, collaborating with diverse teams to enhance exhibit interactive experiences, and utilizing user research insights for innovative UX/UI designs. I've been instrumental in increasing website traffic, implementing design frameworks aligned with business goals, and delivering projects on time and within budget.

I've pioneered innovative web design, crafting intuitive UI/UX for cutting-edge applications and developing unique branding elements for marketing materials. In managerial roles, I've engaged clients with compelling presentations, advanced web interfaces through prototyping, and led high-performing teams to create exceptional designs and prototypes.

In essence, my journey reflects a continuous dedication to pushing the boundaries of UX/UI design, strategic leadership, and technology integration, resulting in a proven ability to enhance user experiences and contribute significantly to business growth.

Visit my LinkedIn profile and take a look at my recommendations from both clients and former colleagues.

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