Jaunt Air Mobility

Discover the future of air travel with my latest project for Jaunt Air Mobility. As project manager and design lead at Ignite2X, I revitalized Jaunt Air Mobility website with Shopify and Shogun App, and brought in a talented 3D animator to create stunning animated videos and beauty shots of their cutting-edge electric aircraft. Get a glimpse of the innovation and creativity I infused into this project by viewing the images below.

Launch Jaunt Air Mobility with a stunning website featuring 3D models of aircraft to stand out from competitors. Crafted beauty shots bring the aircraft to life, with a skilled artist selected for the project.
Created a visually stunning website for Jaunt Air Mobility, with a focus on making a powerful first impression. I highlighted the company's cutting-edge electric aircraft, setting them apart from the competition.
My design skills and client-focused approach resulted in an impactful and memorable website experience. Proud to bring value to any project with my attention to detail and passion for innovation.

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