Magic Mirror

Developed a virtual try-on feature for a jewelry exhibit with over 1000 users within 2 months. The interactive allowed visitors to take a photo and try on various jewelry items, creating a personalized souvenir they could email to themselves. Resulted in an immersive and innovative experience.

Developed a cutting-edge interactive, allowing visitors to virtually try on valuable jewelry. Used 32-inch touch screen, NUC computer and USB HD camera to create an interface for users to add and adjust jewelry on their image and email the result. Over 1000 users within first two months.
Visitors loved virtually trying on jewelry from the exhibit, using the interactive feature in creative and playful ways for a fun and engaging experience.

Faces blurred for privacy.
Visitors unleashed creativity and imagination by trying on virtual luxury jewelry, striking poses and experiencing its beauty. A memorable and exciting experience for all ages.

Faces blurred for privacy.

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