Zebra Pen

I took the lead on a cutting-edge digital transformation project for Zebra Pen, leveraging my project management expertise to guide the internal creative team. After conducting thorough research and analysis of the client's needs, I proposed a seamless migration to Shopify, connecting it with Syndigo for content management and D365 F&O for financials. Skillfully navigated migration, ensured consistent visual style for client's modern, user-friendly website with centralized product management that exceeded the client's expectations.

Homepage that highlights the product types to help create a easier path to purchase. Use the Before and After slider to see the difference.
Transformed Zebra's online presence by separating brand and purchase pages, improving marketing and user experience. Created dedicated brand pages showcasing products with direct links to related products in the store, elevating the brand.
A page dedicated solely to selling products. A visitor can now select between colors and pack size.
Revolutionized customer support with Zen, the world's first procedurally generated 3D chatbot the for Zebra Pen website. Proud to bring cutting-edge technology to enhance customer interaction with the Zebra Pen brand.

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