Rockies & Alps

Pushed the boundaries of multimedia presentation with cutting-edge technology, creating a fully immersive exhibit experience. Utilized interactive displays and innovative lighting techniques, including a kiosk with accompanying flipbook, a mesmerizing magic lantern slideshow, and a motion sensor to preserve glass slides. Resulted in an exciting and innovative exhibition experience.

Kiosk featured a Windows tablet with custom software to lock down the operating system and detect motion to brighten the screen, enhancing visitor experience.
Designed an interactive flipbook kiosk that preserved original sketchbook from light damage while providing an engaging experience for visitors to view the artist's work.
Created a unique slideshow experience with a palm-sized PC mimicking a magic lantern show, Custom software and infrared blaster conserved energy by turning off the projector during off-hours.
Developed a cutting-edge solution for preserving historical slides on display. Utilized a computer monitor, controlled by an Intel NUC, and paired with Arduino motion sensors to highlight random slides when visitors entered the exhibition space. Provided an interactive experience for visitors while preserving the slides.

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